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This Feb. 26, 2017 photo made available by shows rapper Snoop Dog, left, and Chef Guy Fieri cooking together during a demonstration at بقلاوة ام وليد the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami Beach, تشاراك مسكر Fla. Rappers Snoop, Action Bronson and Rev Run are ushering the culinary world into an era where shows like ""Martha شهيوات ام وليد حلويات and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" are a hit and rappers like 2 Chainz drop cookbooks along with their albums. (Ryan Troy/ via AP) For a few months, my partner and I made pasta most nights and ordered takeout a couple nights a week.

The takeout was expensive and all the pasta felt unhealthy, so when a coupon in the mail arrived for a free month's worth of food from the meal subscription service Gousto (which I'd later learn is essentially one of a number of meal subscription services that closely resemble the US' Blue Apron or Hello Fresh), we thought, "Why not?" In addition to arriving pre-measured and refrigerated at your doorstep each week, the meals are healthy.

They're rich in protein to support muscle growth, fiber to keep you full and aid digestion, and contained a good mix of healthy fats from fish, nuts, or olive oil. Some recipes contained mayonnaise or butter, but typically only in the sauces, which could be served on the side. And in terms of calories, most options were on the lower side for your average dinner, with somewhere between 300 to 600 calories per meal. The eggplant and halloumi stacks pictured above averaged out to about 400 calories per person, about the same as the meals pictured below.

Still, since I was opting for veggie-friendly dishes, my results could be skewed slightly from the average meat-eating subscriber. Some of the best budget dinner recipes are those passed down in old cookbooks. Sure there are a lot of new magazines and books out there that offer some decent dinner recipes, but you'd be quite surprised to find that a lot of traditional cookbooks have some great and ideal dinner recipes that shouldn't cost too much.

You can often reuse a lot of these meals for left overs, and eat them for breakfast, or freeze them. 1 ½ lb ground beef 1 package stuffing mix for chicken 1 ½ cup water, divided ¾ c chopped onion (or 1 tablespoon dehydrated onion flakes) 8 oz fresh mushrooms, sliced ½ c barbecue sauce If you already had a full meal for lunch, you most likely don't feel like something so filling again for supper. If you want to eat healthy and balanced, then it's a great idea to choose something light for dinner, especially if your lunch had quite some calories today.

And seeing that you already cooked, you definitely don't want to stand behind the stove again, so it should be an easy non-cooking recipe. One of our first - and favorite - dishes was an eggplant halloumi stack which featured stacked slices of pan-fried halloumi cheese and oven-roasted eggplant drizzled with a parsley and honey sauce atop a mound of mashed potatoes. I was pretty nervous at first. The meal description sounded incredibly ambitious - this was my first time making mashed potatoes, let alone roasting a vegetable and making a sauce, but Gousto's easy-to-follow instructions helped put me at ease.

All in all, the whole cooking process only took us about 30 minutes, enabling us to clean up a bit and have dinner on the table in under an hour. Parents are usually busy trying to work extra time to fend for the children, while at the same time taking care of several chores and other necessities at home. There is hardly any time left to prepare a decent meal when the kids come home from school. Most would just make do with buying food outside. This habit is expensive however, and strains the pockets after a while.

Rev Run of the rap group Run-DMC has also become a fixture on the food scene with the Cooking Channel's " حلويات ام وليد للاعراس Rev Run's Sunday Suppers." The father of six told The Associated Press that cooking is more about family time and less about the creative process for him. If you're a pasta and pizza lover like me, you can reeve up the fiber content and lower the GI numbers by either mixing in whole wheat flour if you make your own dough or purchase one of the popular commercial whole wheat dough like Boboli.

The Barilla Plus brand, has develop a multi-grain pasta that retains the fiber yet taste pretty good. Thanks to a subscription meal delivery service in London called Gousto - which, like Blue Apron, delivers several meals worth of recipes plus precise, pre-measured ingredients and an easy-to-follow instruction card - I was able to learn how to make several healthy fish and vegetable dishes. After a few weeks with Gousto, I eventually canceled my subscription in favor of making the same meals on my own.

For years, I remember being called to the table by the sound of clanking silverware and the smell of roast chicken or beef wafting in our kitchen. The main entree, prepared by my mom, was usually a casserole of some sort.

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